Since I was very little I felt interested in the scenic and visual arts, watching the life from the window of my grandmother's house in the Granada neighborhood in Armenia, Colombia, it was a popular neighborhood where everything could happen in front of our eyes, from the killing of a pig, to a marriage or a murder.
It was Colombia in the 80's when violence between cartels boomed, the violence of contract killing and attacks in public places, became a daily subject for all Colombians.
Seeing this reality that seemed more fictional, awoke in me a curiosity that led me to search for my own stories, and it was so, in the midst of that search that I settled in the daily lives of indigenous communities (Uitoto) in the Colombian Amazon where I lived and worked in 2001-2003.
My life took a quantum leap when I went from living in the Amazon to living in Switzerland where i studied performing arts, however, there was an inclination in my internal balance that led me to immerse myself in direction and script-writing.
I am very interested in ecological and political issues, and much of my work has been done as a means of protesting an unequal system.
I think that visual art gives free rein to creativity and imagination, being possible the use of several components such as music, acting, writing, photography.
It inspires me to live closely to different cultures and lifestyles, which can open more the perception, a wider one to tell those stories that we do not know.
As a South American migrant, woman and filmmaker, I feel a great responsibility to show the world the stories of the invisible, to be able to be a voice for those who do not have one​.